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Madi Luschwitz X The Hemp Temple by Madi Luschwitz

Such a beautiful experience to collaborate alongside with the beautiful women that are The Hemp Temple. Here is our interview re-posted from their blog Temple Times. Click on "Madi Luschwitz X The Hemp Temple" to shop or order the Cosmic Collection of hand embroidered sacred threads.

The Heart of Madi

by Brittany Godden



Where were you born and what is your star sign?

I was born in Royal women’s hospital in Paddington and I’m a Scorpio


We see you as respected and loved figure in the community and on social media, how do you feel responsible in this role? 

I use it as platform to put out my life experiences, stories and other people I look up to that shape me as an artist. I love showing my journey as my work shifts and morphs over time.

Being a creative is hard at times too there is so much doubt and self analysis that goes on that isn’t showed on instagram. Artworks can look really raw and awkward in their early stages!

So I make the choice to show this imperfect experience, the real me and how my artwork grows and just doesn’t get whipped up overnight. I know I certainly experience the ups and downs of inspiration and I think it’s a great thing that through Instagram we can share this vulnerability that we are all in this together.


As an artist, what message are you sharing though your art?  

 Connection between the earth and its inhabitants, self growth and our infinite potential.

I want my art to really inspire people to step into their inner child. 

I love that their is a cosmic sense of humour too that people can laugh at some of the imagery and enjoy it! Just cause it’s in a gallery it doesn’t have to be serious it can be humorous and spark that cheeky ness within us all.

Creating art for me is a really powerful way to express who I am and how I see the world. I can be quite an introvert at times and it feels really special that I can use my creativity to visually share my heart and soul.


We love the grounding essence of your cosmic work, how did the Australian bush and the rocketship come to light? 

 Iv always been a day dreamer. My mind has always drifted off into different stories and depictions of my moments spent in reality. Coming up with imaginary stories within the Australian landscape and combining it with a natural human instinct to be drawn to the galaxy and it’s glittering show that it puts on every night. I love the childlike aspect when my bush creatures combine with the cosmos I feel like my inner 5 year old Madi is taking over my hand as I create. 



Whats tools do you use to stay balanced amongst life's beautiful chaos? 

I spend time with my beautiful Man, practise Vedic Meditation, bushwalk bare foot and force myself Into cold ocean dips to keep myself in check and make sure I’m being my best version of myself. 

The clearer I am the more inspired I am and the more art flows out of me. Self love is a big one too I love to finish my meditation with gentle friendly self love reminders. I think we are in such a time of comparison of our selves to others and it’s important to keep reminding yourself that we are all doing our best!

What or who, is your biggest inspiration?

PATTI SMITH hands down! The first time I heard her music I felt like I had been waiting to hear an artist sound like that my whole life! The more of her books, documentaries, music and live performances I have witnessed has just cemented her in my mind as someone living up to their full purpose and truly being led by their passion and love for life.

What has been your greatest achievement? 

My first solo show of my art in 2016. I was terrified but the opportunity came up and I knew I couldn’t say no. It was the first time I had invested a lot of money into my art in hope for the best. I really pushed myself creatively I wanted to put out as much as I physically could for this show. I posed nude with my art in the lead up to promote it. I felt like all of me was on the line in so many ways. The terrifying thoughts of failure where full on and shame for dedicating so much time to a career that is never certain! All totally fear based thoughts that are not real of course but we all have them. Long story short the show went amazing! I sold a lot of work and had a massive turnout of support I could not have dreamed of. It felt like the universe gave me a friendly push that I needed to keep at it and I have ever since.



Do you have animal guides, cosmic guides, or perhaps a higher consciousness you tap into? 

Through dreams and some of my deep meditations I experience subtle visions of colour and creatures or a feeling that I need to stop and draw immediately. These images are so fleeting but feel really special so I always keep my diary next to me or draw them out not long after they happen. 

In terms of animal guides I feel SO connected with animals, always have. I feel they all guide me in different ways. Whether it’s a beautiful tawny frogmouth owl that makes you slow down to appreciate its grandness or a whale in the ocean when your surfing, I always feel a surge of inspiration and purpose after these close encounters.


What has recently inspired you? Are you working on anything at the moment.  

Yes I’m exploring works inspired by my travels to remote landscapes and what they clear within ourselves by being away from technology and the simplicity of living off the land. I spent 6 weeks in Sumba and currently been travelling the Northern Territory for 5.

With this in mind Im combining this with the connection to ancient handcrafts through thread and dirt (embroidery and ceramics). I’m so drawn to the simplicity of representation as seen in aboriginal, Egyptian and Mexican folk art I love the bold, confidence and purpose of story they hold.

I like to think of these cultures while I’m making art and then morph it together with my fierce love for Australia and its raw beautiful aesthetic. 


We have been following your adventures into the Australia desert, how did it feel to be out there? 

It feels insane and so powerful in so many ways. Iv wanted to see it for years and finally just called it last year to do it! Seeing Uluru and Kata-Juta two very sacred sites was full on! A silence takes over you I felt honoured to experience them. When I felt Uluru electricity went through my arms. Also I had the rare opportunity to visit a closed aboriginal community with my beautiful friend Lilly as she visited her family there. We got to meet some really inspiring artists, hunters and people still so connected to the harsh dry landscape. They were so welcoming and I felt honoured to be able to meet everyone and hear their stories.



Why did you want to collab with the hemp temple?

I have been so inspired watching you guys grow as a brand and a way of living. Holding so much integrity in the process. You truely practise what you preach and put out so much good vibes! It’s an honour to create alongside a brand with strong core values that reflect your own. I’m a big fan of hemp and slow fashion. 

It’s also been so grounding to wear on my travels through Sumba and Northern Territory this year. There really feels to be something primal and ancient about hemp when I wear it I feel really feminine and strong at the same time.