Finding Flow towards Moon Man / by Madi Luschwitz

Finding a rhythm where there is no space for negativity or doubt and only room for creation and growth.

Now its all well and good to talk about the inspiring moments when travelling and the awesome feeling you get after creating an artwork that you really dig! But what about those days where you stare at the wall and stop seeing the magic in your art and second guess your talents?

 For me this was happening often, when you question where your art belongs, if it does belong, or if your being indulgent spending so much time on your art. The answer to this questions is fear, fear of being vulnerable, fear of being exposed, fear of failure, for me it all comes down to fear.


 An obvious answer that can be hard to see when we have a rainy storm cloud over our head! Once I locked a date for my solo show, I realised; "wow there was no time for such road blocks". I'm not saying everyday is like this rather being open about the fact that every now and again we all have that grim creep over us which tries to stifle and squish our creativity! 

This lead up to 'Man and the Moon' has taught me a lot about myself and how self care is so important to include into your artistic practice. After all, what we create is a reflection of our mind. So I thought I would share my process with you over these past months coming up to my show.

Wake up 5:30am to meditate then move my body! I'll either walk my Kelpie Jack, go for a bush walk or a swim with Nic. Even just a stroll to the ocean sunrise and back! Anything to wake up my limbs before I sit in the studio for three hours at a time. The earlier i start this process the better as i feel so much more alert and creative in the mornings

Then come home have a light brekki, fill up my tea pot and lay out all my paints and my chosen work to take on that morning. The next step which has helped me incredibly is Podcasts (Richard Fidler in particular). They have changed my entire artistic process, I used to get that nervous feeling of pressure and expectation when I looked at the blank page, this would effect the mediums and materials I used. So instead of entertaining this worry, I replace it with my brain being distracted by amazing tales of people and their life experiences. Whilst being engrossed in these stories I put my brush to paper and get on with it. I consciously choose not to think twice about that mark or that colour and just going with the flow and seeing where I end up.


3 hours is usually my limit till I need a break. I then crawl out of my cave-like studio into the sunshine and make sure i do something that brings me joy and refreshes me. This can be another walk with my dog, quick dip in the ocean or just a fun catch up with a friend. Anything that just re-sets you before channeling your inner cave dwelling artist for the afternoon. Nature has been incredibly important to my practice and iv'e found it's essential to ground and inspire me with its funny little curiosities.

The other half of my day is dedicated to more art time where ill chose a more fluid-like medium such as water colour, embroidery or writing to wind me down to the evening.

It's amazing to set your creativity a structure which is most often an unstructured medium. The main thing is to make time for what your passionate about and back yourself that it's of worth to treat such passions with a "work day" mentality where your phone can be turned off and you give yourself the chance to dive deep into what lights your fire!

moon man insta 1.png

Man and the Moon

Opens October 19-24 @M2 Gallery in Surry Hills

Opening night October 20th 6-9pm