Madi Luschwitz is a National Art School graduate based in Sydney. Luschwitz's raw and expressive practice is drawn from artists such as Frida Kahlo, Picasso and Matisse. The fearless writings of Patti Smith and the overstimulating aspects of cinema in the art of Tarrentino and Rodriguez also play a huge role in the artists work.

These themes permeate into Luschwitz's practise as her artworks engulf the viewer in pattern, texture and raw energy as she glorifies her subject.

Using mixed mediums such as collage and thread, Luschwitz explores the infinite abundance that the universe has to offer each person, if we step into the unknown.

Often focusing on the feminine side of this concept and celebrating the imperfect beauty in all female forms through sexuality and movement, Luschwitz explores the balance that each woman holds from raw and powerful to soft and nurturing.